About MessageDesk

We Believe in Small Businesses and Organizations

We help businesses and organizations solve hard communications problems in smarter, simpler ways.

MessageDesk evolved from the need to send messages and improve communications

We come from small business. But we found that the market didn’t have exactly what we needed to solve our own communications problems. So we’re building the solutions ourselves. Through our journey, we’ve discovered that many messaging providers don’t empathize enough with small businesses and organizations. They seem to think that day-to-day small business needs are too varied and trivial. We disagree.

MessageDesk’s process

How we help small businesses and organizations

We’re here to empower you and your teammates with smarter, simpler communications tools that help you grow and achieve more. We solve hard problems while keeping our solutions as practical, accessible, and delightful as possible. But we don’t just offer features and products. We’re here to guide and help you find solutions. We offer resources designed to empower your business or organization with the educational and technical know-how you need to save time, increase efficiency, grow and flourish.

Get paid faster with invoice creation and payment processing.

Schedule appointment reminders and automatic text alerts.

Automate texting with scheduled messages, autoresponders, and out-of-office texts.

Keep connected to contacts and customers with conversational text messaging.

Plan text message marketing campaigns and follow up with prospective customers.

More Ways to Empower Your Business or Organization


Get the latest business and messaging tips, tricks, and insights.


In-depth guides for advanced learning and comprehensive knowledge.


Copy and paste from our vast library of free text message templates.

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