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Everything You Need to Know About Sending Group Texts Individually Without Reply All

Texts are one of the most convenient and efficient ways to communicate. In fact, 67% of people would rather text than talk on the phone.

But, it can be a hassle managing group texts and group chats.

Group texts on your iPhone (using iMessage) or your Android device (using the Google Messages app) have limitations. This is especially true when it comes to mass text messaging.

Here’s the problem:

The normal group messaging enabled on your phone won't let you send group texts individually to separate contacts. Everyone in the group sees both the message and the responses from every other group member.

This isn’t ideal when you’ve got a lot of people on your texting list.

Luckily, MessageDesk makes it easy to send group texts individually without reply all.

6 Reasons Why Android and iPhone Group Texts Don't Work Well for Group Messaging

  1. If you’re using iMessage or Google Messages for your group text messaging, there’s no way to send your group text without reply all.
  2. Everyone sees everyone else’s individual text messages in the text message group.
  3. Group texts sent to anyone's phone aren’t private.
  4. Your iPhone or Android device doesn’t have an efficient way to organize contacts into groups.
  5. If you're a business or organization, you can't segment customers or assign conversations to certain users.
  6. You can’t compose, personalize, or save text or MMS messages as reusable templates.

How Does A Group Text App Without Reply All Work?

Unlike standard text messaging apps, a group text app without reply all makes it possible to send a mass text individually to multiple contacts. You can send a mass message to an unlimited number of contacts, but each contact only sees their individual message.

Think of a group text without reply all like a BCC’d email, but for SMS messaging. This is what makes this kind of messaging different from normal group texts or group chat apps.

How to Send a Group Text Individually Using MessageDesk Broadcasts

MessageDesk is a group text app that makes it easy to send texts individually to multiple contacts and large groups of people.

When a contact responds to a group text (Broadcast) sent from MessageDesk, their text message response comes back to you in MessageDesk’s messaging Inbox as a single, private reply.

Unlike other mass text apps that send no reply texts, all responses in MessageDesk stay separate from all of your other conversations.

Below is the three-step guide for creating a group, composing a text message, and sending your group text as a Broadcast using MessageDesk.

Note: After you create an account, you can log in to MessageDesk from any device with a web browser. You can also visit the app store and download MessageDesk for iOS or Android.

Step 1. Upload a Contact List or Sync Your Contacts from Your iPhone or Android Device

Step 2. Select Your Group and Compose Your Message

Step 3. Send Your Group Text Message as a Broadcast

  • Once you’ve sent your message, MessageDesk produces a report that explains how many messages were sent, and how long it took to complete the send.
  • MessageDesk will also handle all of your anti-spam compliance in the background in case a contact decides to opt-out of future messaging.

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Other Smart Ways to Use Group Texts

  1. SMS text marketing
  2. Customer service
  3. Daily, weekly, or monthly appointment reminders
  4. Billing and invoice reminders
  5. Texting links to leave Google Reviews
  6. Texting links to surveys and polls

Ready to start texting your contacts? MessageDesk is here to help with smarter, simpler business text messaging.

Visit our learning center for information on how to get started with MessageDesk. You’ll find a quick start guide to texting, a features overview, and an explanation of what MessageDesk is.

You’ll also want to check out our list of free SMS text message templates. Just copy and paste to start texting.

Finally, feel free to start a 7-day free MessageDesk trial with 50 free text messages.