We’re Rebranding as MessageDesk, Upgrading the App, and Releasing Explosive New Features

We come from small business and when SnapDesk began in 2018 we set out to build simple, powerful solutions to the day-to-day problems of companies just like us.

As we grow and learn, we continually strive to evolve our thinking and approach problems in the most effective way possible.  And it’s become clear over the last year that “SnapDesk” was not the most effective name.

Through hundreds of conversations with customers, we’ve found that “SnapDesk” (in name and concept) isn’t clear enough. It needs too much explaining and it doesn’t directly relate to our core offering... messaging.

And most importantly…

SnapDesk doesn’t resonate with the small business owners and operators, nonprofit leaders, educators, entrepreneurs and the many others who use the app to send texts every day.

Not only do we want our customers to immediately know exactly what we do when they see our name but we want that name, like our app, to go beyond texting to encompass the full breadth and depth of what messaging is.

So, we’re rebranding and releasing some explosive, brand new messaging tools. We’re recommitting ourselves to our mission of service to small business, solving problems and finding solutions.

Today, we announce a new brand that aligns with our commitment to: small business owners, organization leaders, entrepreneurs, and more specifically… messaging.

We’ve made some remarkable discoveries through SnapDesk. One of the most important being how central messaging and communications tools are for day-to-day small business operations.

We’ve found that text messaging fills serious communications gaps for small businesses, nonprofits, educators, entrepreneurs, and many others. It’s effective for every kind of conversational and transactional message.

Everything, from payment collection and appointment reminders to customer service, marketing, and sales messaging.

SnapDesk will soon be MessageDesk.

MessageDesk’s Mission and Who We Are

Our mission is to empower all small to medium-sized businesses, educators, and non-profits with the informational and technical resources they need to increase efficiency, save time, speed up payments, and grow their organizations. We’re here to solve day-to-day communications problems in smarter, simpler, and more delightful ways.

We believe in the strength and vitality of small businesses (SMBs) and the local communities that they serve. 
Too many corporate technology providers don’t empathize enough with SMBs. They misrepresent SMB problems as being too varied, too complex, or too trivial - not worth spending time to find viable solutions.

We disagree.

Instead, we build authentic, human, solutions to day-to-day, operational problems. These problems include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Invoice and payment collection
  • Sending appointment reminders
  • Communicating with employees
  • Providing customer service
  • Sending marketing and sales messages

Everything New Coming in the Next 2 Months and Beyond

Expect to see big changes in the next two months. Nearly every aspect of the current SnapDesk app and brand is undergoing extensive growth.

Visually, you’ll start to see a new brand and visual identity as we replace “SnapDesk” with MessageDesk.

But we’re also adding amazing functionality and brand new tools that further automate your messaging and day-to-day operations.

These improvements, upgrades, and new tools include:

  1. Improved message delivery rates and reliability
  2. Access to NEW high-volume 10DLC (10-digit long code) phone numbers
  3. Mobile phone number verification
  4. Access to MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) for picture messaging, gifs, and more
  5. Rebuilt .csv data import and export tools
  6. New MessageDesk Payments for stand-alone payment collection and billing
  7. A redesigned Payments/Invoicing module
  8. Rebuilt group, list, and contact management
  9. Upgraded Autoresponders
  10. Built-in contact merging and deduplication
  11. A brand new Dashboard, Home, and Reports experience
  12. Fully automated text message campaigns

All of the above features are currently in development and will begin rolling out starting in March and continuing through May.

Are there any extra things you’d like to see on this list? You’re always free to let us know - we’d love to hear your thoughts!

~The MessageDesk Team

Additional Thoughts From Our Team

“Moving to MessageDesk is an affirmation of our core values as a company - we’re devoted to providing simpler and smarter messaging for the businesses and organizations that need it most.
It’s also a sign of what’s to come. We’ve worked hard over the last 2 years crafting a messaging experience that matters to you and your organization. And we’re excited to unveil it with this new brand.”

~Joshua Merryman, Sales Operations Manager

With a fresh, new look, we have the ability to reach new customers and further connect with our current ones. We're evolving and recommitting ourselves to the original goal: to help small businesses run their daily operations more efficiently.
MessageDesk is positive, entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, and passionate about solving hard problems in smarter ways. 
MessageDesk is messaging, taken to the next level.

~Taylor Shaffer, Sales Development and Community Manager

Messaging has always been at the forefront of daily operations. Not only will we be able to provide small to medium-sized businesses with even more effective ways to communicate, but we'll supply them with all the tools and resources they need to turn their messaging into a force that drives growth and strengthens relationships.

~Ryan Hoffman, Software Developer