Why and How SnapDesk Became MessageDesk
Kyle Kuczynski
Kyle Kuczynski
Business Messaging Strategist
Updated: Mar 21, 2021
Snapdesk logo and MessageDesk logo side by side

Introducing: MessageDesk - “Smarter, Simpler Business Messaging”

Rebranding is a bold and sometimes risky move. It certainly calls for a dash of courage if you’re an established brand.

When rebrands go bad, we all seem to take notice. We’re all familiar with brands who change their image, logo, colors, and even their name, and then meet with swift backlash from their customers.

So why do organizations engage in such risky maneuvers? Why bother when so much is at risk?

Most people assume that a rebrand is just visual. Maybe a logo and color change or maybe the organization adopts a new typeface.

But a rebrand is far more than that.

For us at SnapDesk, we chose to rebrand as MessageDesk so that we could:

  • Rediscover our values as an organization.
  • Declare our mission and beliefs.
  • Expand our vision for messaging and communications.
  • Connect in a clearer, more meaningful way with our customers.
  • Craft a strong, distinct and memorable visual identity.

With those five goals in mind, we’d like to introduce you to our new brand - MessageDesk.


MessageDesk’s 6 Organizational Values

Values are more than words we believe in. They’re standards we choose to live by as an organization. Values guide our business. They make us strive to be better and they give us a cultural north star.

1. Listen with Empathy

Good listeners are empathetic. They actively hear what others have to say so they can respond thoughtfully. At MessageDesk, we’re all active listeners. We listen to our customers, co-workers, families, and stakeholders so that we may respond thoughtfully with good intentions.

2. Promote Authentic, Personalized, Communication

Our business and technology are built on the idea that authentic, personalized, communication moves the world forward in more productive and human ways. This is true for society and our company. We accomplish remarkable things when we communicate clearly and directly with each other, listen with empathy, and stay authentic.

3. Focus on ROI But Prioritize People First

We focus on driving return on investment. But not without prioritizing people first. We hold ourselves accountable as individuals and as an organization to specific business goals. However, at the end of the day, we’re all committed to treating each other, our teams, our families, and our customers with dignity and respect.

4. Seek Simplicity Whenever Possible

Complexity is a burden. We strive to make our products, processes, policies, and operations as free from complexity as possible. Simplicity gives us the agility to grow, adapt, and thrive. In our products, complexity is a tax on our customers. It’s why we seek elegant solutions to complex problems.

5. Solve Hard Problems in Smarter Ways

Our customers choose MessageDesk because of the empathy and consideration we put into our work, our products, and our relationships with them. Our employees choose MessageDesk because they naturally strive to solve complex problems and be the best at what they do. We solve hard problems in thoughtful, elegant ways while providing remarkable experiences for our customers and team.

6. Stay Curious

Learning is a lifelong pursuit. The MessageDesk culture embraces continuous learning and exploration and maintains an appreciation and understanding of change. The research, technology, and solutions that we empower our customers and ourselves with will always reflect a continued willingness to question, learn and try new things.


MessageDesk’s Mission and Beliefs

Mission Statement:

MessageDesk is a messaging company that empowers small to medium-sized businesses and organizations with the educational and technical resources they need to grow. Our tools solve day-to-day communications problems in smarter, simpler, and more delightful ways.

Brand Beliefs:
At MessageDesk, we believe in the strength and vitality of small businesses (SMBs) and the local economies that they serve.

We believe that small and medium-sized businesses and organizations deserve authentic, empathetic, personalized, human, solutions to day-to-day problems.

Too many corporate technology providers don’t empathize enough with SMBs. They misrepresent SMB problems as being too varied, too complex, or too trivial - not worth spending time to find viable solutions.

We disagree.

Instead, we strive to build authentic, human solutions to day-to-day, operational problems.

These problems include but aren’t limited to invoice and payment collection, appointment reminders, customer service, marketing, and sales messaging.

It’s our job to empower small and medium-sized businesses and organizations with the educational and technical resources they need to increase efficiency, save time, speed up payments, and grow their business.


MessageDesk’s Vision for Messaging and Communications

Communication is crucial to everyday operations and maintaining a successful business or organization. MessageDesk at its core is a messaging and communications company.

As a starting point, we’ve chosen to bring smarter, simpler SMS text messaging to businesses and organizations. Text messaging has been around for over 25 years and it’s due for some disruption. Especially when it comes to business applications.

Text messaging is where we’ve chosen to start with MessageDesk. But our intention as a communications company is to broaden our core offerings and provide a wide array of communications solutions.

MessageDesk will strive to become the literal messaging desk that businesses and organizations use every day to communicate with their contacts, customers, clients, contractors, and teammates.

Our goal will always be to empower businesses and organizations with smarter, simpler communications tools that help them grow and achieve more. In service to this goal, we’re actively pursuing new technologies that will change the messaging and communications landscape forever.

MessageDesk’s New Visual Identity

When we evaluated SnapDesk’s visual identity we found it to be a bit too cartoony and perhaps flippant in its illustrative and color styles.

With MessageDesk, we wanted a brand identity that felt friendly, approachable, and human, but also knowledgeable and authoritative.

To that end, we sought out the expertise of creative design agency, Laxalt and McIver (L&M). L&M helped us further define and give life to MessageDesk’s brand mission, vision, and values.

Brand Mark

The new MessageDesk brand mark is a bold, custom-designed speech bubble. It’s friendly, approachable, and functional - just like the company it represents.


Word Mark

MessageDesk’s word mark is a custom-designed serif typeface. It establishes a strong and authoritative, yet approachable image for MessageDesk.



MessageDesk’s primary color palette consists of purple, black and white. The lighter purple and violet variants, beige, butterscotch, and mango all complement, support and enliven the core color scheme.



MessageDesk typefaces include variations from two main font families: Sofia Pro, and GT  Alpina. From the start, we knew we wanted to combine the gravitas and authority of a serif typeface with a more modern, sleek, and technical sans serif.


Final Thoughts

To say we’re excited about the future is an understatement. As a young brand, our story still isn’t written.

So expect to see more of MessageDesk as we redefine the future of communications and messaging.

We’re here to help small and medium-sized businesses and organizations with smarter, simpler business text messaging for keeping connected.

Visit our learning center for information on how to get started with MessageDesk. You’ll find a quick start guide to texting, a features overview, and an explanation of what MessageDesk is.

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