Why Should My Business Use a Texting Service?
Kyle Kuczynski
Kyle Kuczynski
MessageDesk Co-Founder & CMO
Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Text Messaging is a Game Changer for Businesses. Here's Why:

Text messaging allows organizations of all types to instantly ping their customers with important information, timely updates, and special offers.

For instance, did you know that 98% of text messages get opened in 2 minutes or less compared to only 14.3% of emails?

This means for every 100 customers you text that 98 of them will see your message immediately.

So all your special promotions, limited-time offers, company updates or any other important information is accessible by almost all of your customers at a moment's notice.

Next time you’re out in public just take a look around. How many people are looking at their personal phone? When you incorporate texting into your day-to-day business operations you finally have a chance at capturing those people’s attention.

“39% of businesses already use some form of text messaging to communicate with their consumers. Many more are expected to adopt the technology in 2020. Some 53% of marketers already use mobile messaging as part of their marketing strategy.” [Text Statistics | Text Messaging Facts, Stats, and Insights]

Why Some Businesses Aren’t Texting Yet

Most likely you and your business have a customer-facing tradition. It might be a few years old or a few decades old but nonetheless, your business has one.

Maybe this tradition is sending personal mail to customers, email campaigns, phone calls, live events, etc. No matter what “it” is, “it” will benefit from a text message partner campaign.

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Already calling customers? Try sending a text beforehand to give the customer a heads up. We’ve seen people improve answer rates by almost 30% when doing so.

Sending Emails to customers? Use Auto-responses and add a “Text ‘SUBSCRIBE’ to ###-###-####" CTA to the email so customers can quickly ask for more information and join your texting list.

Common Reasons Businesses Don't Text Customers

  • Don't have a way to text-as-a-team
  • Already calling and emailing customers
  • Not sure why texting is different than emailing
  • Don't think their customers want to be texted

The reality is that 76% of customers have already texted with a business. So if they aren’t texting your business then whose business is reaching them?

Another reason businesses don’t text customers is because they don’t have a text messaging platform that lets them text as a team.

If you don’t have a business texting platform then texting customers means each employee is using their personal phones. Which is not ideal for large companies.

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Luckily, That’s why business text messaging apps exist (like MessageDesk)- so your team can text customers from the same phone number simultaneously while on different devices.

Why Customers Text Businesses

It’s important to understand why a consumer would text your business.

Knowing what your customers are looking for allows you to write more compelling messages. (this applies to text messaging but also emails, ads, phone scripts, and more)

So why does a customer text a business?

Reason %
Reply to order confirmations 60%
Reply to appointment reminders 55%
Give product or service feedback 49%
Reply to delivery status 47%
Learn about a new product or service 46%
Rate or respond to a survey 45%
Receive coupons or promotions 42%
Reply to flight delay notifications 40%
Get customer support 39%

[source: Twilio Report]

Not sure what to text your customers? Check out our free text message templates

Benefits of Text Messaging for Business

The bottom line is this - text messages get read and responded to.

Texting allows your business to connect with customers in a more authentic way because Customers will have meaningful 2-way conversations with real people at your company.

74% of consumers prefer talking to a real person at a business instead of a chatbot.

Texting your customers gives them a

  1. Better appreciation for you and your staff
  2. More tangible connection to your business and its processes
  3. Clear understanding of why your business is better than the competition

Text messaging turns customers into evangelists. This means they'll be more likely to listen when you offer special deals, launch new products, or introduce new processes via text messaging.

They’ll also refer your business to friends and family. You will get more customers by using text messaging as your core communication strategy.

And, since you are texting them it is way easier for these referrals to reach you.

How Businesses Use Text Messaging

There are a bunch of different ways to start using text messaging. It really just depends on what your business needs.

Are customers complaining about your customer service or that there’s not an easy way to reach your business? Look into text messaging for customer service

Are Sales and Marketing struggling to get people on the phone? Sales teams have found a huge boost in reply rates when they incorporate text messaging into their workflow. Read about text messaging for sales teams and marketing teams in our latest posts

The bottom line is this - if your business is struggling to communicate with customers then text messaging is a great solution for you.

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