Zipwhip is Shutting Down - You’ll Need a Zipwhip Alternative
Kyle Kuczynski
Kyle Kuczynski
MessageDesk Co-Founder & CMO
Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Zipwhip Customer? Now’s the Time to Start Searching for a Zipwhip Alternative

On July 14th, 2021, business messaging giant, Twilio, announced that they had completed their acquisition of Zipwhip, a leading provider of toll-free messaging in the United States.

First announced in May, details of the acquisition and the future of Zipwhip as part of the Twilio family haven’t been clear, until now.

In an October 25th email to customers, Zipwhip announced:

“Leaders across Zipwhip and Twilio have thought carefully in the last months about this vision and how together as one company we can achieve it. After thoughtful deliberation, our joint leadership has determined that the necessary path forward to provide streamlined communications solutions in the long term is to eventually shut down the Zipwhip software product.”

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When is Zipwhip Shutting Down?

Zipwhip will shut down and end service on December 1st, 2022. Starting April 30th, 2022 you will no longer be able to make account changes to your Zipwhip subscription including purchasing upgrades and requesting downgrades. To continue service, consider a 1-to-1 Zipwhip alternative like MessageDesk.

What The Zipwhip Software Shutdown Means for You and Your Business or Organization

For the record, I’m a big fan of Zipwhip at MessageDesk. They’re a great conversational messaging provider that supports small businesses. This makes them a friend in my book.

But Zipwhip’s shut down will leave thousands of businesses and organizations without a strong, centralized business messaging platform.

So if you’re one of these 30,000 customers, then you’ll need to find a Zipwhip alternative.

According to Zipwhip, these are the key milestones to be aware of:

1. End of Account Changes: April 30, 2022
After this date, you will no longer be able to make most changes to your account, including purchasing upgrades and requesting downgrades.

2. End of Product Functionality: December 1, 2022
After this date, Zipwhip’s software product will no longer be available on any of our apps, including desktop, mobile, and web. Integrations will also cease to function at this time.

Since the announcement, Zipwhip has posted a Zipwhip Shutdown FAQ page on their website.

You’ll find answers to questions like:

  • What immediate steps you should be taking
  • What will happen if you don’t do anything
  • When your current contract expires
  • What happens when you switch to another messaging provider, like MessageDesk

Available Options and Zipwhip Alternatives

It’s time for you to start looking for Zipwhip alternatives, like MessageDesk.

At MessageDesk we provide businesses and organizations with smarter, simpler messaging tools for generating leads, team communication, making sales, getting paid, collecting feedback, and generating reviews.

You can port your existing Zipwhip number into MessageDesk and get the same shared team inbox.

But with MessageDesk you also get:

Check out this full breakdown of MessageDesk vs. Zipwhip for more information. We’ve also got a business messaging comparison page for a breakdown of other competitors, costs, features, and more.

Try MesageDesk for free. No payment required.

Final thoughts and next steps

MessageDesk helps you text customers from a shared team inbox, send group text messages, and start more conversations with a chatbot and forms on your website.

Feel free to start a free MessageDesk trial or schedule a demo with a messaging expert.