Scheduled reminders and text alerts

Smooth Your Daily Operations with Appointment Reminders and Automatic Text Alerts

No-shows and missed appointments cost you time and money and decrease efficiency. Keep things running smoothly with scheduled appointment reminders and automatic text alerts.

Reduce No-Show Rates

Text or email? Text reminders reduce no-shows with up to a 98% open rate.

Save Time with Scheduled Texts

Schedule upcoming appointment reminder texts days, weeks, months, or years in advance to save time.

Confirm Appointments with Autoresponders

Set up keyword-based autoresponders for instant text alerts and answers to frequent questions or inquiries.

Automate Out-of-Office Texts

Manage expectations and keep things running smoothly with automatic out-of-office texts.

Send appointment reminders

Reduce no-shows and keep your calendar booked

Why do people miss appointments? Miscommunication. Phone calls go unanswered, emails go to spam and some people just write down the wrong appointment time.

  • Compared to email, texts have up to a 98% open rate.
  • Texting makes it easier to automate reminders to your customers, clients, and contacts.
Text appointment reminder system

Schedule appointment reminder texts.

Pre-scheduled text messages make it easy to set automated appointment reminders. Use MessageDesk’s scheduling software to:

  • Schedule recurring and one-time text messages days, weeks, months, or years in advance.
  • Insert tags to personalize messages at scale, just like email merge tags, but for texting.
  • Compose unlimited pre-saved text message templates for confirmed appointments, reminder messages, and more.
Keyword-based text-to autoresponders

Auto-confirm appointments with keyword-based autoresponders.

Set keywords to automatically trigger a text message response for hours of operation, open appointment dates, and appointment confirmation.

  • Use keywords like “CONFIRM” or “RESCHEDULE” to automatically prompt responses.
  • Chain keywords together for branching confirmation and rescheduling flows.
  • All reminders and text alerts come from a local 10-digit phone number.
Automatic out-of-office text messages

Manage expectations with automatic out-of-office texts.

Text contacts, customers, and clients with an automatic out-of-office message if you’re away. Perfect for small businesses with variable hours of operation and availability.

  • Set and change weekend and weekday availability on an as-needed basis.
  • Create personalized auto response text messages based on customizable operating hours.
  • Contacts receive text messages immediately.

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