Business Text Messaging for Smarter, Smoother Operations

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MessageDesk keeps you and your team connected to contacts, customers, and clients for appointments, scheduling, payments, alerts, and daily operations.

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Ready to improve your day-to-day operations?

Watch how business text messaging can help you start and manage more conversations, fill your calendar, and get you paid.

Texting beats email and voice

Texts get read - emails get deleted and calls go to voicemail.


of business and organization text messages get opened immediately.


of people respond within an hour to texts from a business or organization.


of people would rather text than talk with a business or organization.


of people text back after missing calls from a business or organization.

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Business text messaging

Text 1-on-1 or broadcast your messages to groups at scale.

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Text normal SMS and MMS picture messages

Send and receive SMS and MMS messages for everything from 1-on-1 conversations to mass SMS marketing broadcasts.

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Text from a 10-digit phone number on any device

Spin up a new 10-digit phone number with a local area code or text-enable your existing business number.

Contact groups & web forms

Start and manage more conversations with contact groups and web forms.

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Filter contact groups for more targeted messaging

Add contacts to quickly create groups or apply advanced filters to automatically group contacts based on their info.

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Start more conversations with web forms

Grow your contact lists and start more conversations with web forms that net bookings, referrals, and appointments.

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Scheduling & automations

Save time with scheduled texts and automations.

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Schedule one-time and recurring text messages

Reduce phone time and smooth day-to-day operations with one-time and recurring scheduled text messages to groups and individuals.

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Automate text reminders, alerts, and updates

Improve booking rates, reduce no-shows, and keep your calendar full with scheduled appointment reminder texts, auto replies, and alerts.

Invoicing, payments & processing

Get paid faster with text-to-pay and text-to-donate.

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Text-to-pay invoicing and payments integrations

Reduce accounts receivable and get more on-time payments when you integrate texting with your accounting software.

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Text-to-donate charitable giving campaigns

Save money and time normally spent on fundraising events when you send texts to collect donations and tithes.

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Text as a team from a shared inbox.

MessageDesk’s team Inbox makes it easy to watch and assign all sent and received texts across your team and organization.

Get more online reviews and faster feedback.

Send pre-saved, templated text messages with links that help you collect reviews or gather feedback with polls and surveys.

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Small business accounting and payments integrations.

Collect payments by integrating text messaging with your small business accounting software and a payments provider.

Text as a team from desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

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