How to Schedule Text Messages: iPhone, Android & Desktop
Kyle Kuczynski
Kyle Kuczynski
MessageDesk Co-Founder & CMO
Updated: Dec 02, 2021

Learn How to Schedule a Text Message and Send Delayed Texts on iPhone, Android & Desktop Computers

Yes, you can schedule text messages. But iMessage on your iPhone doesn’t have a built-in native way to send delayed texts and Google Messages isn’t available to everyone.

So I’m here to show you all the workarounds and ways you can schedule a text on iPhone, Android, and even desktop computers.

Read on for more.

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Can You Schedule a Text Message on iPhone?

You can schedule a text message on your iPhone (this article shows you how). But this automation is limited. There are other ways iPhone users can schedule texts. But business text messaging services give you the most features and flexibility to schedule texts.

How to Schedule a Text Message on iPhone, Android, and your Desktop Computer Using MessageDesk

Business-grade text messaging services like MessageDesk are great for things like SMS marketing.

They allow you to:

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Here’s how to send a scheduled text using MessageDesk:

1. Sign up for a free MessageDesk account

Visit MessageDesk to create an account from any device. Once you have an account, download MessageDesk for iOS or MessageDesk for Android.


2. Import your contacts from a list or sync contacts from your phone into MessageDesk

MessageDesk makes it easy to import a .csv file with a list of contacts. You can also log in to the iOS and Android mobile apps and sync your contacts.

There’s also a way to export contacts from iPhone, iOS, or Android Devices.


3. Select your contact(s) or group(s) from the Inbox

Once you’ve got your contacts in MessageDesk, search and select the contact(s) or group(s) you’d like to schedule a text message to.


4. Schedule a text message

In the message compose box you’ll see a calendar icon. Select your date and time in the message preview to schedule your text message. When ready hit Confirm Schedule.

You can also set up recurring scheduled text messages and add other automated text message workflows using MessageDesk.


How to Schedule a Text on iPhone

The Shortcuts app is a simple way to schedule a text message on your iPhone. It allows you to automate and schedule text messages to individual contacts or groups. This is an easy and free solution, but it lacks features compared to business text messaging services.

Here's how to schedule a text on iPhone using the Shortcuts app:

1. Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone

The Shortcuts app comes with iPhones running iOS 13 or later. You'll need to download the Shortcuts app from the Apple App Store if you’re running an earlier iOS version.

2. Select Automation and Create Personal Automation

Tap Create Personal Automations. If you have previously created automations, you won't see this option. Instead, tap the + icon in the upper right corner and then tap Create Personal Automation.


3. Select Time of Day

Set the time for when you’d like the text message to send.

Tap Month and scroll down to adjust the date you want the message sent on. When you're finished, tap Next.

Scheduling messages in iMessage this way will set up an automatically recurring message to go out on the same date at the same time each month. If you plan for this to be a one-time event, you'll need to go in and delete the automation (or turn it off) once your scheduled text message gets sent.


4. Tap Add Action

On the Actions menu, add a contact or a group of contacts from the Send Message section and then tap Next.

Type your message in the message field and then tap Next.

Note: message composition features are limited. Messages send as simple text messages, vs. iMessages. You can’t add images (MMS), gifs, emojis, etc.


5. Review your Automation

Review your new Automation to be sure it contains the correct details. Check the default option to Ask Before Running.

You can tap the toggle next to Ask Before Running to turn this off if you want the automation to run automatically.

If everything looks good, tap Done, and the automation will run.

This method sets up an automation that will send the same text message to the same person or group on the same day and time every month.

If this isn’t what you want, then remember to go back and delete the automation once it runs. To delete the automation, slide your finger from right to left on the automation and tap Delete.

How to Schedule a Text Message By Setting a Reminder on Your iPhone

Another way to schedule a text on your iPhone is by setting a reminder for yourself at a scheduled time to send a text message. This doesn’t technically count as a scheduled text message since it’s not fully automated, but its a workaround.

Here’s how you can compose your message in advance and save some time:

1. Open the Reminders app

Tap + New Reminder and give your reminder message a title.


2. Type and compose your text message as a reminder


You can also add details to your reminder message or add them to a list.

3. Tap the calendar icon to schedule your reminder

Tap Done when you’re finished. When you get the reminder, copy and paste the message into the Messages app on your iPhone.

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Can You Schedule a Text Message on Android?

You can use your Android to schedule text messages, but only on phones with Android 7 and newer using Google Messages or Samsung Messages. Not everyone has access to Google messages and scheduling automation in both cases is limited. Again, business text messaging services give you more features and flexibility to schedule texts.

How to Schedule a Text Message on Android 7 and Newer Using Google Messages

1. Open the Messages app and open a conversation

Create a text message, but don’t send it yet.

Note: If your phone isn't connected to Wi-Fi or data at the scheduled time, your message will be sent when your device reconnects.

2. Touch and hold Send

Hold the Send button. After a moment, the Schedule send overlay will appear.


3. Choose from the suggestions

Tap Pick date and time or you can choose from among several preset times. If you choose your own date and time, a calendar opens. After you pick a date, a clock opens so you can pick a time. Tap Next.

4. Tap Send

You should now see a clock icon to indicate that this is a scheduled text. If you open a conversation with a scheduled message, there will be a “Scheduled message” notification.

​​How to schedule text messages on Android using Samsung Messages

You can schedule texts using Samsung Messages if you have a Samsung android phone.

1. Start the Samsung Messages app

Create a text message, but don't send it.

2. Tap the arrow to the left of the text field

See additional options, then tap the + plus button.

3. Tap "Schedule message" from the library of options that pop up.

Set the time and date that you want to send the message, then tap Done.

4. Tap the Send button to send the message at the scheduled time

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Looking for an SMS Text Scheduler?

By this point, you may already know if you’re ready for a business SMS platform.

But if you aren’t already sending texts as a business, then you’re missing out. 39% of businesses already use third-party apps to automatically send SMS text messages and connect with their customers. And 76% of customers already receive SMS messages from businesses.

You’ve got many business text messaging services to choose from. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest MessageDesk as an SMS scheduler.

With MessageDesk you can schedule both 1-on-1 and 1-to-many text messages using Broadcasts. You can even set your message to recur at regular intervals.

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