Scheduled and automated text messages

“Set-It-and-Forget-It” Automated Texting Service

Save time and scale your messaging with scheduled texts and autoresponders for marketing campaigns, appointment reminders, and more.

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Scheduled Text Messages

Schedule one-time messages to individual contacts or schedule bulk text broadcasts to entire contact lists.

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Pre-saved Templates and Tags

Save and standardize the messages you send all the time as reusable text message templates.

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Text-to Autoresponders

Use autoresponders to send text messages automatically based on text-to keywords.

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Out-of-Office Texts

Set your business or organizations office hours or availability for automatic “out-of-office” text messages

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Scheduled text messages

Save time with pre-scheduled text messages.

Scheduling text messages saves time and increases efficiency. Both are important when managing a small business or organization.

  • Schedule one-time and recurring text messages
  • Schedule individual and group text message blasts.
  • Reduce no-shows with scheduled appointment reminders days, weeks or months in advance.
Pre-saved text message templates and tags

Personalize and pre-save your text messages at scale.

Insert contact detail tags for {{ FirstName }} and more into your text messages templates to keep things feeling personalized while texting at scale.

  • Tags work just like email marketing merge tags, but for text messaging.
  • Compose and save unlimited text message templates.
  • Automatically insert a template whenever composing a message anywhere in-app.
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Keyword-based text-to autoresponders

Trigger fully automated SMS keyword autoresponders.

Short codes used to be the only way to set up keyword-based automated mass texting campaigns. But our text message services change that.

  • Use keywords like “SUBSCRIBE” or “SPECIAL OFFER” to add contacts to a text message marketing group.
  • Chain keywords together for branching SMS marketing campaigns.
  • All drip campaign messages come from local 10-digit phone numbers.
Automatic out-of-office text messages

Manage expectations with automated texts based on availability.

Let contacts and customers know when you’re unavailable by sending an automated text message.

  • Set and change weekend and weekday availability on an as-needed basis.
  • Create personalized autoresponse text messages based on customizable operating hours.
  • Contacts receive text messages immediately.
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