Business group texting

Business Group Texting Without “Reply All”

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Tired of annoying group chats? Send a broadcast and keep all text replies separate as individual conversations.

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Email “BCC” But for Text Messaging

Send a broadcast to hundreds of contacts and all replies come back as separate conversations.

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Upload Contact Lists Directly Into Groups

Batch upload entire lists of contacts directly into groups and send a broadcast.

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Filter Groups for More Targeted Messaging

Use contact info and custom fields to segment and filter groups of contacts.

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Assign Teammates to Group Text Replies

Text one-on-one with individual contacts or send group texts without reply all.

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Group text without “reply all”

Works like email BCC, but for text messaging.

Send broadcasts to entire contact lists for mass text messaging marketing campaigns, special offers, updates, alerts, and more.

  • Send a broadcast to hundreds of contacts but keep all replies separate.
  • Create any sized group of contacts from a file upload or filter by custom field.
  • Send text alerts, updates, and reminders to employees for internal communications.
Import contact lists into groups

Upload contacts and lists of phone numbers directly into groups.

Use the built-in .csv upload tool to upload and update contacts and contact information directly into groups.

  • Upload up to 2500 contacts at a time and sync fields like mobile phone number.
  • Create groups directly from an uploaded contact list.
  • Export contacts in a .csv file, update their information, and round-trip the data back into MessageDesk.
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Filter and organize contacts into groups

Deliver more targeted messaging with filter groups.

Filter contacts into groups based on their information or a custom field.

  • Filter groups update automatically based on custom fields and contact info.
  • Contacts automatically get added to groups when they fit the group criteria.
  • Dynamically update groups based on contact information and more.
Assign conversations & contacts

Assign teammates to group text replies and conversations.

Send a broadcast and assign all individual replies to multiple teammates in the inbox.

  • Assign and manage individual contacts and conversations at scale across your entire team.
  • Send texts to individuals or send mass texts to various contact lists and groups.
  • Each text message response comes back as a private conversation assigned to specific team members.
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