Templates, Tags, Media & Links

Save Time & Personalize Messages with Templates, Tags, Media & Links

Keep your messaging quick, consistent, and personalized with pre-saved, reusable text message templates, tags, media, and links.

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Maximize your messaging with pre-saved message templates.

Message Templates

Save time and keep things consistent with templates.

Personalization Tags

Use tags like {{ FirstName }} to auto-insert contact info.

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Multi-Media (MMS) Messages

Add rich media like images, GIFs and more to messages.

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Links & Attachments

Link contacts to web pages, documents and media.

Message templates

Pre-save text messages as reusable templates.

Keep your messaging consistent across teammates and save time by pre-saving texts as reusable templates.

  • Search for and insert templates when composing a message.
  • Add contact details with tags to personalize messages at scale.
  • Sort and manage all of your templates from one library.
Personalization tags

Insert tags to personalize messages at scale.

Personalized messaging means more engagement. Tags help you personalize messages by auto-inserting contact details and information.

  • Tags make it possible to auto-insert contact info into a message.
  • Instead of typing a contact's name, just insert the {{ FirstName }} tag.
  • Tags work just like email marketing merge tags, but for text messaging.
MMS messaging

Enrich your text messages with media, GIFs and more.

Images, GIFs and rich media get the most engagement. Send MMS messages to elevate your text messaging and offers to the next level.

  • Text promotional images and advertisements for more engagement.
  • Text images for fast, accurate estimates, quotes and appraisals.
  • Send and store images from one central, searchable media gallery.
Links & attachments

Text links to connect contacts to web-based resources.

The web runs on links. Save links for use in templates, shorten long URLs and track clicks to see when contacts take action.

  • Save characters by shortening long URLs as MessageDesk short links.
  • See when your contacts take action by tracking link opens.
  • Manage all of your MessageDesk short links from one gallery.