Website chatbot

Website Chatbot for Starting More Conversations That Lead to Sales

Start conversations that lead to sales with an embeddable website chatbot, integrated forms, customization, and automatic follow-ups.

Ready to start more sales conversations?

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Embed on Any Website

Copy and paste a single line of code to get started.

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Ask Questions with Forms

Integrate forms to ask questions and gather information.

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Respond Instantly

Improve response times with automatic text follow-ups.

Keep Track of New Inquires

All conversations start in a team inbox for easy response.

Easy embed

Copy and paste a single line of code into any website.

Grab a single line of code to embed the chatbot on your website.

  • Works with WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix.
  • All conversations integrate with your MessageDesk Inbox.
Generate leads

Give potential customers an easy way to reach you.

Making it easier for potential customers to ask questions and get more information leads to more sales and better customer service.

  • Collect real names and phone numbers for faster follow-up.
  • Start text message conversations on a customer’s phone.
  • Text messages keep the conversation going and can offer more info.
Integrate forms

Ask questions for estimates, quotes and appointments.

Pose questions using chatbot-integrated forms for faster estimates, quotes, appointments, and consultations.

  • Add custom questions that gather important information from customers.
  • Use custom fields to create and store specialized information.
  • Add additional autoresponder keywords for more conversation options.
Automatically follow-up

Keep connected from job sites and outside of business hours.

Conversations happen in customer time, but that doesn’t always work for you or your team - especially if you're busy.

  • Send automatic follow-up texts when someone submits a form.
  • Start text conversations with keywords like “ESTIMATE” or “QUOTE”.
  • All text messages come from your local 10-digit phone number.