Collect Donations & Automate Charitable Giving

Text-to-donate is a smoother way for nonprofits and charitable organizations to collect donations and maximize fundraising events.

Organize donation campaigns and maximize fundraising events with text messaging.

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Schedule Donation Requests

Schedule one-time and recurring donation messages to individual contacts or entire contact lists.

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Text-to-Donate Campaigns

Set up automated donation campaigns that begin when donors text a keyword like DONATE.

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Link to Donation Forms

Pre-save links to donation forms as templates or text and connect to donors with customizable forms.

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Payments Integrations

Streamline donation collection with payment processing and accounting integrations.

Schedule donation requests

Scale donor outreach with scheduled texts.

Connecting with donors takes time and energy. Scheduling texts make it easy to automatically ask for donations one-on-one and at scale.

  • Schedule one-time and recurring texts days any time in advance.
  • Send texts to individuals or broadcast to entire contact lists or groups.
  • Organize donors into groups for targeted and personalized messaging.
Automatic donation campaigns

Automate donation and fundraising efforts.

Texting makes it easy to scale fundraising efforts and connect with more donors. Set up automatic “text-to” keyword autoresponders for real-time responses.

  • Fundraise from a 10-digit number with keywords like “DONATE” or “GIVE”.
  • Link donors to collection forms on their mobile device at live events.
  • Chain keywords together for branching donation request workflows.
Donation forms

Connect donors to web forms via text links and templates.

Pre-saved text message templates with links to forms are another way to save time, standardize messaging and connect with more donors.

  • Save and text links to third-party fundraising tools or donation platforms.
  • Text donors from your own 10-digit texting number - no short codes.
  • Embed custom web forms on your website to start conversations.
Payments integrations

Streamlined payments and accounting integrations.

MessageDesk syncs with payment and accounting systems for more streamlined record-keeping and faster payment processing.

  • Sync with online accounting software like QuickBooks Online or Xero.
  • Set up payment collection with Freedom Merchants or Sphere Commerce.
  • Use payment collection for event ticketing, live events, and more.
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We get along well with your other tools.

Sync MessageDesk with your accounting software to save time, keep things consistent and get real-time access to client data.