Business texting services

One-on-One & Team-Based Business Texting Services

Send SMS and MMS text messages from any 10-digit phone number or port over your existing business landline.

Text from Any 10-Digit Phone Number on Any Device

Short codes used to be the only way to send business text messages. Not anymore.

Text-Enable an Existing Business Landline

Text as a team from your existing business landline or VoIP number.

Send SMS Text Messages and MMS Picture Messages

Send and receive SMS, MMS, gifs, rich media and links to documents and files.

Assign One-on-One and Team-Based Group Texts

Text one-on-one with individual contacts or send group texts without reply all.

10-digit texting - no short codes

Text from any 10-digit phone number on any device.

Business texting and text message marketing used to require five or six-digit short codes. But not anymore.

  • Text from a 10-digit phone number with a local area code from any device.
  • Send and receive texts on any device including desktops, tablets, and mobile apps.
  • Text from multiple, dedicated 10-digit texting lines.
Text enable your existing VoIP or business landline

Send and receive texts as a team from your existing landline.

There’s no need to change the number your contacts and customers already know. Just text enable your existing business landline or VoIP number.

  • Spin up a new dedicated texting line or port over your existing landline.
  • Set up call forwarding to any number to forward voice calls - great for customer support.
  • Upgrade your VoIP number to send and receive text messages.
SMS and MMS messaging

Send and receive SMS text messages and MMS picture messages.

Send rich media, images, gifs, and more to improve engagement and take your business texting to a more visual level.

  • Text promotional images and advertisements for more engaging marketing campaigns.
  • Snap, send and store images for faster and more accurate estimates and quotes.
  • Instantly share and save documents and other rich media with textable links.
Conversation assignment and contact management

Assign one-on-one and team-based group text messages.

Texting as a team gets easier for businesses of all sizes with conversation assignment. Great for managing customer support and service requests.

  • Assign and manage individual contacts and conversations at scale across your entire team.
  • Send texts to individuals or send mass texts to various contact lists and groups.
  • Each text message response comes back as a private conversation assigned to specific team members.

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