Dentists, medical offices, & clinical providers

Text Messaging for Medical Offices, Dental Offices, & Clinical Providers

Schedule reminders, updates and follow-ups, reduce no-shows and phone time and manage patient and staff conversations with a shared team inbox.


Automate updates, reminders and follow-ups.

Automation saves time and helps you manage more conversations. 67% of patients prefer texting - especially for appointment reminders, scheduling consultations, and following up.

Scheduling & appointments

Reduce phone time and eliminate no-shows.

Scheduled and recurring appointment reminders save front desk and clinic staff hours every week. Use text message templates to schedule one-time and recurring reminders weeks in advance.

Shared team-inbox

Manage patient and staff text message conversations.

Text from a shared team inbox to manage and assign patient and staff conversations. Texting as a team keeps messaging consistent and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Additional features

Text messaging tools that keep your practice connected.

Send texts from your existing number to collect reviews and connect patients to web forms.

Text-enable your existing business number or spin up a new 10-digit phone number with a local area code.

85% of patients are willing to leave a review, but few actually do it. Texting simplifies your follow-up process with automatic texts.

Build dynamic contact lists and collect info with custom web forms that help patients schedule appointments and update their info.


We get along well with your other business tools.

Sync MessageDesk with your accounting software to save time, keep things consistent and get real-time access to patient info.

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