How to Send a Link: Learn How to Embed Links in Texts
Ben Nebesky
Business Messaging Strategist
Updated: Aug 08, 2021

How to Send a Link and the Difference Between Hyperlinks, Short Links & Links in Your Text Messages

Customers crave instant information and conversational experiences. As a result, businesses and organizations are finding new, innovative ways to blend the two together.

Customers expect to be able to find and share information about your business or organization and the way they do that is through a link to a web page.

So when someone is looking for information, link sharing is an easy way to direct them to:

Your options are limitless when it comes to linking people to web pages. But businesses are turning to text messaging as a more conversational way of providing customer service and sharing information through links.

In fact, some 39% of businesses and 53 percent of marketers already use SMS text messaging to reach their customers.

And because link sharing is so critical, we walk you through the in’s and out’s of links, hyperlinks, and more as they apply to business text messaging.

Read on for:

  • Why link sharing is important to business text messaging
  • Web links vs. short links vs. hyperlinks
  • How to embed a link in a text
  • Ways you can use links in your own business text messaging
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Why Link Sharing is Important to Business Text Messaging

Link sharing is all about sending and receiving the right information between the right people at the right time. There’s some debate about which communication tool is best for this: email, calling or text messaging. But each should play a part in your larger conversational messaging strategy.

And this is where sharing links in text messages can really help you fill the conversational gaps between email and voice. It makes it possible to add just the right amount of information in a text.

There’s no need to spend time on the phone and you can guarantee that your message actually gets read and your link gets clicked in a timely manner.

This is because 98% of text messages get read immediately.

It’s this kind of engagement that’s made texting one of the most preferred forms of communication for businesses and consumers alike.

And for appointment reminders and scheduling, 67% of people would rather text with a business or organization than talk to them on the phone. Which makes texting links and getting clicks all the more important.

How else could a customer take action to actually confirm or schedule an appointment or consultation or estimate?

This leads to all of the other things your business or organization can do when sending links in a text message:

And here’s the best part. Some business text messaging services even allow you to track link clicks. You get to see exactly how many people clicked on your link and took action.

This makes it possible to gauge important business metrics like click-through-rate (CTR) and allows you to measure the effectiveness of your call-to-action (CTA) to gauge return on investment (ROI).

Web Links vs. Short Links vs Hyperlinks.

The Internet is full of links. But not all links are created equal. Knowing the difference between web links, short links and hyperlinks will help you decide what to use and when in your text messages.


Weblinks are normal, unformatted URLs that you see in your web browser. They’re longer and display exactly as they appear in your address bar.

Example weblink:

In a text, URLs can either be underlined or highlighted, depending on your messaging app. This distinction between normal text and the link shows message recipients that the link is active.

Normal links vary in length. If a link is too long it can lead to confusion. To ensure that you get link clicks, consider shortening the link to limit the number of characters in your message.

Short links

This is a normal link that’s been shortened through a link shortening service or URL shortener. Some telecom carriers will flag shortened links as spam when sent in a text message.

Example shortlink:

When sending shortened links in a text, you’ll want to use a reliable and credible link shortening service. Certain services can make sure that your business messages aren’t marked as spam texts.


A hyperlink is a normal link with clickable text. These often appear highlighted or underlined when you’re looking at a webpage. You may be asking yourself, how do I insert a hyperlink in a text message? The short answer is, adding hyperlinks into SMS text messages isn’t possible.

Example hyperlink: How to Choose a Business Texting App

Hyperlinks can only be used in emails and on your business website. They allow your clients to visit other helpful web pages and sites that are relevant to your business.

How to Embed a Link in a Text - 5 Best Practices

Here are five link-sending best practices

1. Beware of shortened URLs

Shortened URLs are often marked as spam by many phone companies.

Though, excessively long links can discourage message recipients from clicking on your link. And unless you have a business SMS service, normal URLs can put your message over the normal 160 character limit for all SMS text messages.

You don’t want carriers to mark your messages as spam or discourage your recipients from taking further action by clicking on your link.

2. Maintain your brand within the link

Once you choose the link you'd like to send out, it's important to avoid unknown web addresses. You’ll want your brand name or business or organization website somewhere in the link to establish trust in your communication.

This can also increase customer engagement on your website since your recipients will have confidence that you're sending them to a trusted location.

3. Watch your message character count

It's important to watch your text message character count. A typical SMS message can hold up to 160 English characters. While you can send as long a text as you'd like, keep in mind that any character above the 160 mark counts as another text message.

Your message will look the same to your contacts regardless of how long it's. This is where shortened URLs created through a trusted link shortening service can come in handy. They help you maintain your character limit and still allow you to add your website link to the text.

4. Make a template for commonly shared links

Maybe you have a ton of contacts to reach out to with the same information. In this case, you'll want to make a text message template with commonly shared links to help you speed up the messaging process.

Your message template should have the text and link already included. All you need to do is send the message to multiple contacts. With a template, you won't have to keep typing the same message over and over.

5. Place your link at the bottom of your text message

Adding a link to a text may alter the formatting of your message. You’ll want your contacts to see your message first before the link. This can help with increasing click-through rates, prompt contacts to take action, and keep your message from getting flagged as spam.

How to Text a Website Link

The procedure for texting a website link will vary depending on the business text messaging service you use. But this is the basic procedure:

  1. Log in to your business text platform
  2. Add your contacts to the platform
  3. Compose your message or choose from a message template
  4. Copy and paste your link at the end of your text
  5. Send the text
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How To Use Links in Your Texts to Contacts and Customers

Sending SMS text messages is a great way to engage with contacts and customers. It’s an easy, quick, and personal form of communication that you can use for everything from sending reminders about appointments, sending marketing messages, or even collecting payments.

And linking to the right type of content in your text can help increase customer engagement and drive more traffic to your business website. We’ve gone over some of the different types of links you may encounter, as well as why it's important for your business to include them in any texts or emails you send out about your products or services.

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