Podium Alternative

Get A Cost-Effective, Friendlier Podium Alternative

Looking for a Podium alternative? MessageDesk gets you the same business texting features and more at a proper price.

MessageDesk Team Inbox
Price (Lowest Tier) $14 / mo. $189 / mo.
Base Messages Per Month 100 (Inbound Only)
Shared Team Inbox
Call Forwarding
Text Message Marketing
Feedback Collection
Review Collection
Website Chat Bot
Cancel at Any Time
1-on-1 Customer Service (775) 313-9465
QuickBooks Online
Why MessageDesk over Podium?

Get the same business texting inbox, but at a proper price.

Your business gets the same texting inbox and SMS marketing solution as Podium, but at a price-point that makes sense.

  • Text from a shared team inbox and assign conversations.
  • Port your Podium phone number or text from a landline.
  • Schedule and automate text messages for customer service.
Automation and campaigns

Tools for generating leads and starting sales conversations.

MessageDesk is a messaging platform with automation tools for generating leads from your website, making sales conversational.

  • Send mass marketing texts to any sized text list.
  • Save templates and attach media to messages as MMS.
  • Craft text campaigns around autoresponder keywords.

More MessageDesk features

Keep your Podium number and get more with MessageDesk.

Port your number and get text-to-pay, review collection, a website chatbot and more.

Port your number from Podium and move seamlessly into MessageDesk.

Get paid fast and frequently with accounting-integrated text-to-pay.

Build your reputation with automated feedback and review collection.

Install a website chatbot to automate messages and start drip campaigns.

Kick-off your text marketing by linking contacts to web forms that start conversations.