Contact management

Grow Contact Lists and Collect Info

Manage and update contact groups with, filters, custom fields, web forms, and data import and export tools.

Build contact lists and collect info with custom website contact forms.

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Filter Contact Groups

Organize contacts into groups for more targeted messaging with customizable data filters.

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Unlimited Custom Fields

Custom fields make it easy to keep track of any specialized contact and customer information.

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Contact Import & Export

Import and export entire contact lists complete with all fields for email, address, phone number, and more.

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Auto-Update Contact Forms

Collect and update info from contacts, customers, or clients by texting links to custom web forms.

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Group filters

Deliver more targeted messages with filter groups.

Manually add contacts to quickly create contact lists or apply customizable data filters to create specialized groups.

  • Automatically update groups based on custom fields and contact info.
  • Create filters based on unique contact info and specialized custom fields.
  • Use filter groups to sort and add contacts automatically.
Custom fields

Store unique contact info with custom fields.

Custom fields give you the freedom and flexibility to record and mange unique information as part of a contact's record.

  • Add unlimited custom fields to contact records.
  • Use filters to create groups based off of custom fields.
  • Apply drop-down, date, number and text fields for special info.
Custom web forms

Collect and auto-update contact info with web forms.

Grow your contact list by creating custom web forms that collect and automatically update contact information.

  • Style and embed web forms on your website to collect info.
  • Text links to web forms that auto-update contact info.
  • Add custom fields for customization and automatic group creation.
Contact import & export

Import, export and update entire contact lists.

Skip the manual data entry by uploading entire contact lists and syncing unique contact info with custom fields.

  • Match contact list custom fields from a single file import.
  • Sync your existing custom fields to automatically enter contact info.
  • Create custom filter groups from an existing contact list using any file.
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We get along well with your other business tools.

Sync your MessageDesk contacts with small business accounting software like QuickBooks Online and Xero.