Grow contact lists and collect info

A Contact Management System Made For Your Messaging

Contact management software doesn’t need to feel clunky. Manage and update contact groups with, custom fields, auto-update contact forms, CSV data import, and more.

Full Contact Search

Search for any contact record in MessageDesk by name, email, phone number, or address and get an instant match.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Custom fields give you the freedom and flexibility to keep track of any specialized contact and customer information.

CSV Data Import & Export

Import and export entire contact lists complete with all fields for email, address, phone number, and more.

Auto-Update Contact Forms

Text links to custom forms to collect information automatically from any contact or customer.

Manage contact lists with groups

Deliver more segmented messaging with smart groups.

Manually add contacts to quickly segment contacts or use contact information to make automatic smart groups.

  • Smart groups automatically update based on custom fields and contact info.
  • Contacts automatically get added to groups when they fit the group criteria.
  • Dynamically create appointment reminder groups and more.
Add unlimited custom fields

Keep track of unique contact information with custom fields.

MessageDesk gives you the freedom and flexibility to keep track of any specialized contact information.

  • Keep track of any unique contact data.
  • Add unlimited custom fields to any contact.
  • Select use custom fields to store date, time, phone, and more.
Collect contact information automatically

Textable auto-update contact forms

Create and customize forms that automatically update contact and customer information.

  • Add custom fields to collect any form of contact information.
  • Text unique clickable links to any form in any message.
  • Automatically update contact information when the form gets submitted.
Import and export contact lists via .csv file

CSV data import and export

MesageDesk makes it easy to create groups and lists while importing contact information from one list into another.

  • Upload and export entire lists of contacts.
  • Automatically match contact info fields.
  • Create custom groups directly from a contact list import.

Merge Duplicate Contacts

Contact lists get messy and convoluted with deleted contacts, duplicates, and missing information. Use MessageDesk to quickly merge and deduplicate contact records.

Accounting and CRM software integrations

Integrate MessageDesk with Other Contact Management Systems

MessageDesk is an all-in-one contact management solution. Sync your contact info with small business accounting software like QuickBooks Online and Xero.

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