MessageDesk for law offices, CPAs and bookkeepers

The Smarter, Simpler Way to Send Text Message Reminders to Clients

Reduce no-shows, send text message reminders to clients and gather documents, images and more with MessageDesk.

Schedule automated text reminders

Schedule reminder text messages to reduce no-shows, book appointments, confirm consultations.

Texting gets more engagement than email reminders and saves office staff time by getting them off the phone. Send and schedule one-time and recurring text messages to individual clients or schedule appointment reminders to entire groups.

Document and media sharing

Request and save PDF documents, MMS picture messages and other rich media over text message.

Request important documents from clients over text message. Send and receive SMS text messages, MMS picture messages and share links to PDF documents using MessageDesk. All media gets stored and organized with the client conversation until you’re ready to download it.

Website contact forms

Start conversations from your website and complete online bookings with website contact forms

Turn your website visitors into booked appointments with customizable website contact forms. Build your book of business and grow your client lists with contact forms that automatically send text message responses and facilitate appointment scheduling.

Spin up a new MessageDesk 10-digit phone number with a local area code as your dedicated texting line or text-enable your firm’s existing business number to send and receive text messages.

There’s no way to watch or assign conversations when team members text from their personal phone numbers. MessageDesk’s shared inbox helps everyone keep an eye on all active text message conversations.

MessageDesk makes tracking messages for billable hours easy. MessageDesk archives every text message conversation and makes it printable as a PDF. Perfect for when it comes time to calculate a client’s billable hours.

Set your availability and send automatic autoresponders tied to your office hours and availability or set up “text-to” keywords with phrases like “lawyer” or “consultation” to instantly send text appointment booking messages to potential clients.

MessageDesk makes it easy to get paid on time from anywhere with text-to-pay. Create invoices and request payments with a single text message or sync and send existing invoices with an accounting integration.


We get along well with your other business tools.

Sync MessageDesk with your accounting software to save time, keep things consistent and get real-time access to client data.