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Meet Our Messaging Experts

We’re here to empower you and your team with smarter, simpler communications tools that help you grow and achieve more.
Clint Vernon
CEO & Co-founder

Clint has spent a large portion of his professional career managing teams in IT Consulting, the Army, as a CPA, and in his family's small business. It was through working with his own family business that he realized the need for a better way to communicate with customers and manage that communication; hence, MessageDesk was born.

Cory Vernon
Lead Developer & Co-founder

Cory is a Co-Founder and Lead Developer here at MessageDesk. He uses his background in small business and economic theory to build and project data models that optimize daily business functions and drive MessageDesk development.

Jason Molt
CTO & Co-founder

Jason's tech journey started in computational biology where he wrangled rowdy gene sequence data. At MessageDesk, he and Cory combine their expertise to build a product-focused development team on a mission to provide small businesses with world-class data science and communication tools.

Kyle Kuczynski
CMO & Co-founder

Kyle pivoted into digital marketing and tech after completing his M.A. in English Literature from the University of Nevada, Reno. He now directs MessageDesk's marketing strategy through content marketing, paid advertising, social media engagement, and more.

Isaac Landis
Senior Developer

Isaac is the Senior Software Engineer for MessageDesk and is credited with designing, creating, and implementing many of MessageDesk's core features.

Joshua Merryman
Revenue Operations Manager

Josh decides on business objectives and strategies to drive revenue. He Focuses on creating processes that encourage collaboration between the sales, marketing, customer success teams while also leveraging data intelligence across departments to make decisions that benefit the end-user.

Taylor Shaffer
Account Executive

Taylor is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses find success and grow their business. She runs the daily Sales outreach at MessageDesk bringing clients of all kinds to new heights with communication solutions to every problem. She also manages all of MessageDesk’s online communities and social platforms.

Mark Minkoff
Junior Developer

Conner Brian
Testing Engineer

Ben Nebesky
Content Marketing Specialist

Ben originally started in the political arena doing financial strategy. Now, he is a Content Marketing Specialist at MessageDesk doing all things content strategy. Essentially, his chief responsibility is making sure that MessageDesk makes it's way into your work life in whatever way suits you.

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