Broadcast Text Messages

Reach & Respond to Everyone with Broadcast Text Messages

Reach everyone and start individual conversations from one text broadcast, then assign each reply to a teammate.

Skip the group text. Broadcast to all contacts and keep each reply separate.

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Reach Everyone

Schedule broadcasts and see replies in separate threads.

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Verified Delivery

MesssageDesk gets you access to bulk message delivery.

Groups Based on Keywords

Keyword replies move contacts between broadcast groups.

Assign Replies to Teammates

Send a broadcast and assign all inbound replies to teammates.


Schedule a broadcast to text with everyone.

Schedule broadcasts to your entire contact list for text message marketing campaigns, special offers, updates, alerts, and more.

  • Broadcast SMS and MMS messages to any sized group.
  • Apply templates with tags for personalized messages at scale.
  • Create groups based on filters and custom fields or upload a file.
Verified delivery

Get approved for bulk text message broadcasts.

Delivery makes your message matter. MessageDesk gets you access to high-volume, carrier-verified text broadcasts from a 10-digit number.

  • See deliverability metrics for every text message broadcast.
  • Get fully managed, automatic opt-in and opt-out compliance.
  • One form submission gets you access to high-volume texting.
Keyword groups

Move contacts between groups based on keyword responses.

Keyword autoresponders make broadcasts dynamic. Set up keyword responses that automatically move contacts between broadcast groups.

  • Automatically add contacts to groups when they text a specific keyword.
  • Auto-update broadcast groups based on filters and custom fields.
  • Groups and views are 1-to-1, making it easy to reply from the inbox.
Assign conversations

Assign conversations based on broadcast replies.

A one-way broadcast gets you half way. Assigning teammates to manage replies from separate text threads closes the conversation gap.

  • Assign broadcast replies to any teammate based on keyword responses.
  • Change conversation owners as contacts move from group to group.
  • Set permission levels for teammate access to certain conversations.