Business Phone Line

Text-Enable a Business Phone Line or Text from a New Local Number

Unify your teams' text messages and voice calls by text-enabling your existing business phone line or text from a new 10-digit local number.

Contacts and customers confused by too many phone lines? Let's get it down to one.

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Keep Your Number

Text from MessageDesk using your existing business line.

10-Digit Local & 800 Numbers

Text from a new 10-digit local or 800 number.

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Forward Phone Calls

Forward incoming calls from your text-line to any phone.

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Voice Calls (Coming Soon)

Get voice and text on one number with MessageDesk.

MessageDesk figure sitting at desk showing landline sms services

Keep your business number or text enable a landline.

Everyone knows your business number. There's no need switch, just submit a number hosting request to text-enable your existing number or landline.

  • Route your entire teams' texts and call through one phone number.
  • Text-enable your existing business landline or VoIP number.
  • Migrate your existing business phone number at no additional cost.
Local & 800 numbers

Get a new local number or text from an 800 area code.

Local numbers matter. Get the flexibility to text from a new 10-digit number and local area code or broadcast from an 800 number.

  • Select from a list of 10-digit local numbers based on area code.
  • Text from an 800 number for larger broadcasts at scale.
  • Change your MessageDesk SMS texting number at any time.
Call forwarding

Unify your text line and voice calls with call forwarding.

Texts and calls on separate lines? Keep your team organized by forwarding incoming calls placed to your text line to any other number.

  • Forward calls to your MessageDesk text line to any number.
  • See notifications when someone calls your MessageDesk text line.
  • Change your call forwarding number at any time.
Voice & text

Coming soon: team voice and call routing features.

We're bringing voice call features to MessageDesk. Unify your teams' text messaging and calls with a full dialer, voicemail, phone trees and more.

  • Dial any number in-app from a computer or mobile device.
  • Set up voicemail, phone trees and call routing.
  • Unify text and voice call calls with one number and one inbox.