Campaigns & Automation

Start Text Campaigns, Follow Up & Close the Loop with Automation

Expand your teams' messaging capabilities with scheduled texts, keyword-based autoresponders and integrations.

Send broadcasts and start campaigns with keywords, then automate follow-ups.

1. Start Conversations

Kick things off with a broadcast, chatbot or web form.

2. Autorespond to Keywords

Automatically respond when contacts text keywords.

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3. Integrations Close the Loop

Use Zapier to integrate with all the other tools you use.

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4. Set Out-of-Office Texts

Respond to contacts instantly outside of office hours.

Start conversations

1. Start campaigns with broadcasts, chatbot & forms.

Start conversations through a scheduled broadcast to a contact group, with a website chatbot or via web form, then automate your follow-ups.

  • Start and mange many conversations then automate follow-ups.
  • Tie broadcasts, chatbot and forms to groups with keywords.
  • Apply templates with tags to personalize messages at scale.

2. Send automatic replies when contacts text a keyword.

Send automatic texts when contacts text a keyword. Then automatically group everyone based on their response for fast follow-up.

  • Keywords like “QUOTE” or “HELP” automatically add contacts to groups.
  • Chain keyword responses together to move contacts between groups.
  • Assign teammates to conversations as contacts move between groups.
Zapier Integration List

3. Close the loop with automated replies or actions.

Take action based on replies and more. Use Zapier to integrate MessageDesk with the other apps your organization uses.

  • Set triggers to automatically add or remove contacts from groups.
  • Auto-assign conversations to teammates based on replies.
  • Create automation around, scheduling, payments, invoices and more.
Out-of-office texts

4. Automate responses when outside of office hours.

Let contacts know when you or your team is unavailable. Manage expectations by setting up office-hours tied to automated texts.

  • Set and change weekend and weekday availability as-needed.
  • Personalize automatic responses with templates, tags, media and links.
  • Set up automatic call forwarding for more response capabilities.