Human resources, staffing agencies & recruiters

Texting for Human Resources, Staffing Agencies & Recruiters

Schedule broadcasts to candidates and staff without reply-all. Assign and manage updates and reminders to reduce phone time and get feedback.

Schedule & automate

Text broadcasts to candidates and staff without reply-all.

Skip leaving voicemails and sending unread emails. Texting makes it easy to reach job applicants and staff directly with scheduled alerts, reminders, and follow-ups.

Team conversation assignment

Text employees to reduce phone time and get faster feedback.

Text as a team and manage organization conversations from a separate shared inbox. Follow up with employees for document requests, feedback, polls, or surveys.


Automated text-to-apply and text-to-hire campaigns.

Set up autoresponders with keywords like APPLY for automated text-to-apply and text-to-hire campaigns. Responses trigger form submissions give applicants more info.

Additional features

More texting tools to keep you connected to staff and employees.

Send texts from a business landline to grow your applicant lists and collect documents and feedback.

Text-enable your existing business number or spin up a new 10-digit phone number with a local area code.

Build dynamic contact lists with filtered groups and collect applicant and staff info with custom web forms.

Follow up with employees, get feedback, and ask for documents or more information with MMS picture messages.


We get along well with your other business tools.

Sync MessageDesk with your other business tools to save time, keep things consistent and get real-time access to info.

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